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CONGRATULATIONS!  You qualified to enroll as a Freshman at the University of the Philippines Baguio for the First Semester 2015-2016.


1) Instructions for Freshmen,

2) UP Form C1 (confirmation form),

3) Socialized Tuition System, and

4) UP Form 2 (medical examination form).

You may also download the:

1) Application Form for the Talent Determination Test (TDT), For the Certificate in Fine Arts (for transferees and non-UPCAT passers), TDT will be scheduled later;

2) Advance Placement Examination in College Algebra (Math 11) and Plane Trigonometry (Math 14) - Rationale and Objectives; 

3) Application Form for the APE and Course Syllabus and Course Outline for MATH 11 and MATH 14

All notices will be mailed to your respective schools. If you do not receive your notices on time, please see instructions and come on your scheduled day of enrollment. 

If you have queries, please email at .

Legal Basis

            Republic Act No.  9520, also known as the “Philippines Cooperative Code of 2008” declares that it is the policy of  the State to foster the creation and growth of cooperatives as a practical vehicle for promoting self-reliance and harnessing people power towards the attainment of economic development and social justice. Towards this end, the State shall encourage the private sector to undertake the actual formation and organization of cooperatives. Thus, it shall ensure the provision of technical guidance, financial assistance and other services to enable cooperatives to develop into viable and responsive economic enterprises. RA 9520 also stipulates that the primary objective of every cooperative is to provide goods and services to its members and thus enable them to attain increased income & savings, investments, productivity and purchasing power and promote among them equitable distribution of net surplus through maximum utilization of economies of scale, cost-sharing and risk-sharing without, however, conducting the affairs of the cooperative for charitable purposes. The cooperative shall provide maximum economic benefits to its members, teach them efficient ways of doing things in a cooperative manner, propagate cooperative principles and practices, promote new ideas in business and management and allow the lower income groups to increase their ownership in the wealth of this nation.





The University of the Philippines Baguio Cordillera Studies Center will host the first Ibaloy Studies Conference on April 24-25, 2015 at the UPB College of Social Sciences audio-visual room.

            Convenors said this conference will gather together scholars doing surveys in the field of Ibaloy culture.  They added the conference will provide a venue for academic discourses on the subject matter, thus the theme “Surfacing Ibaloy Knowledge.”

            Conference convenors include UPB-CSC research affiliate Dr. Ma. Carmen Domingo-Kirk and

Dr. Jimmy B. Fong, chair of the Department of Communication at the UPB College of Arts and Communication. 

Dr. Fong is a foremost exponent of Ibaloy studies whose published works include studies in the production of popular culture in the Philippine Cordillera using materials written in the Ibaloy language.

            Dr. Domingo-Kirk of the University of San Francisco and the University of California in Berkeley said the importance of the conference lies in the endeavor to understand and situate the role of the Ibaloy in Cordillera history.

            She added that this being the first time that a conference of this nature is convened, she hopes that this would be a platform for scholars to make an assessment of the status of Ibaloy scholarship.

            National Artist of the Philippines for Music Dr. Ramon Pagayon Santos has been invited to be the conference keynote speaker.  Dr. Santos is currently the executive director of the UP Center of Ethnomusicology as well as president of the Musicological Society of the Philippines. He was also former dean of the College of Music at UP Diliman.

            Members of the conference advisory committee include Igorota Foundation co-founder and current head  Rosella Camte-Bahni and Ibaloy entrepreneurs Armand Voltaire Cating and Ninj Djohnson-Sabado. (ROLAND RABANG)

Two books published by the University of the Philippines Press will be formally launched on Wednesday, April 22 at the UP Baguio lobby

            The ceremonies, to start at 9:00 in the morning, will introduce new titles and authors, one by Ma. Ceres P. Doyo, titled “Macliing Dulag: Kalinga Chief, Defender of the Cordillera” and the other by authors Jamaliah Abdul- Hamid and Narcisa Paredes-Canilao which is about “Educational Leadership and Leadership Education in Asia.”

            Doyo, staff writer and columnist for the Philippine Daily Inquirer said the book is “an expanded version” of a magazine article that she wrote in 1980 about Macliing Dulag.  The article, she said, “led to my first interrogation and chastisement by military authorities.”

            “Macliing,” notes Doyo, “led the fight against the construction of dams on the Chico River…that threatened to wipe out (the) ancient Kalinga way of life.” She adds, “This book is yet another way of honouring and keeping alive the memory of the man who fought for (the Kalinga) people, whose mountain homes were marked to give way to so-called development.”

            A memorial for Macliing Dulag happens every year on April 24, his death anniversary.  Doyo’s book launch is set two days before the 35th year of Macliing’s death.

            “Educational Leadership and Leadership Education in Asia” provides a regional context to the issue of educational leadership which has long been patterned after American and European models.  Authors Abdul-Hamid and Paredes-Canilao say “the book…responds to the current dearth of literature on leadership from scholars working or situated in Asia.”

            They add that with changes brought about by neoliberalism, information technology, globalization and an environment more sensitive to gender, ethnic and socio-cultural-political differences, the book tackles “demands and challenges” faced by the Asian education leader under these premises.

            Abdul-Hamid is currently associate professor at the Faculty of Educational Studies, University Putra Malaysia where she lectures on educational administration, management, and leadership. Paredes-Canilao is Professor of Philosophy at the University of the Philippines Baguio and has occupied various administrative positions in the university. (ROLAND RABANG)

The University of the Philippines Baguio Committee on Culture and the Arts invites the public to participate in its Summer Arts Program to start on April 11, 2015.


                The workshop would be held every Saturday starting April 11 then succeeding Saturdays thereafter up to May 16.  Morning and afternoon workshops would be held.  Morning workshops start at 8:30 while afternoon sessions start at 1:30. Workshop venues are at designated areas in UP Baguio.


                This year’s program offers thirteen areas in the arts.  Morning sessions include theater play (ages 5 – 7), oil and pastel painting (ages 9-12), basic caricature and character design (ages 12 and up), music theater (ages 7-16), street and community theater (ages 13 and up), basic broadcasting (ages 10-12) and photojournalism (ages 10-13).


                Afternoon sessions include acrylic painting (ages 8-12), advance drawing techniques (ages as and up), animation (ages 12 and up), song composition (ages 13 and up), elementary journalism (ages 10-13), and basic video documentary (ages 13 and up).


                Registration fee of P2,000 covers basic workshop kit and certificate of attendance.  Materials needed for the sessions including cost of workshop output (such as printing of photographs), however, would be shouldered by the participants.


                A ten percent discount would be granted for early registration up to the day before the workshop.  However, a workshop on Cordillera dances is offered free of charge for participants with ages 7 to 16, the workshop organizers said.


                Interested parties may call 442-3888, 444-8393, 444-8719 or 09175060080 for inquiries and reservation, or visit online www.upb.edu.ph, or www.facebook.com/SummerArts2014. Parties may also inquire via email at .  (ROLAND RABANG)

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