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Two faculty and  six students of the Institute of Management, University of the Philippines Baguio were warmly welcomed by the  Quantum  Select International (QSI),  thru its President Ricky Mulani, in its main office at Menteng Kota, Jakarta,  Indonesia last November 29, 2016.  The corporate visit is part of the exposure trip conducted in connection with  the aim of  the course in Strategic Management under Dr. Bienvenido C. Marzan in immersing students with real corporate strategic practices.

The QSI is an executive search and recruitment agent company established in 2010 which is dedicated to provide high quality executives and human resources to the business community primarily  in Indonesia. Successful as it may seem, QSI started with several issues – (1) it is the first and only local company in its industry making it compete with popular international organizations, (2) it started off with a team of two which led to slower recruitment process, and (3) it started as an organization just after the global economic crises in 2008 and 2009. Today, QSI is employing more than thirty personnel and is continuously growing rapidly. In fact, its operations already reached India in 2013. As headhunters, QSI has been receiving more than 100 positions per month and it has successfully placed an average of 150 candidates per year for its clients.

The  MM students were able to gather interesting business ideas from Mr. Mulani.   In the process, the students had a be tter and clearer picture of the theories and concepts that they have been learning from the program.  Moreover,  meeting  the staff and catching their  work experiences at QSI  have left inspired marks in the hearts of the students to embrace challenges more  as opportunities, for them to grow individually, and contribute their best to their own organizations.

The visit went beyond expectations as the MM students were able to collect practical and real corporate strategies from the QSI President Ricky Mulani  in making business  successful  despite seemingly difficult  environment (Jennylyn Quinto).


As part of the immersion activity of the Master of Management (MM) program,  students of Strategic Management course from the Institute of Management,  University of the Philippines Baguio (UPB) had an educational visit at GS FAME Institute of Business in  Hayam Wuruk, Jakarta, Indonesia last November 26, 2016. The GS FAME  offers   the  international  programs of the  Institut Bisnis Nusantara (IBN).  IBN and UP Baguio have a  standing Memorandum of Agreement. Established in 1986, GS FAME Institute of Business is one of the pioneering educational institutions of higher learning in providing international education in Indonesia. Aside from its undergraduate programs,   it is now offering Diploma Courses and Master in Management Degrees.

There were two activities during the visit - conversation with the school management and staff,  and a short lecture of  a UPB MM student to GS FAME undergraduates. The conversation was led by Dr. Bienvenido C. Marzan, Director of the Institute of Management  and Faculty of the course,  with  Ms. Caroline Sunaryo, the Director of GS FAME.  During the talk, Ms. Sunaryo informed the UP Baguio students about the institution and its students.  She also introduced the GS FAME staff to the visiting group.

Later, Ms. Jennylyn Quinto, an MM student,  gave an overview lecture about financial planning among undergraduate students in an Accounting class. The lecture was an application on how financial planning helps Ms. Quinto make sensible decisions in her business which the students appreciated, particularly the students  who are planning to have their own companies in the future (Jennylyn Quinto).

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