The Institute follows a highly selective and stringent student screening and selection process, premised on excellence and access. Students come from different kinds of organizations (business/private, public,  non-profit and non-government). A desired number of students is admitted every semester.


Application forms can be downloaded by clicking Application Form and Reference Form below or obtained from the Graduate Program Office (GPO). Submission of application forms to the Graduate Program Office (GPO)  begins May to July  for the 1st Semester (August class opening) and November to December  for the 2nd Semester (January class opening). The Institute sets an ideal number of students in each class/course  for maximum student learning and interaction.


Admission Process

Stage 1  Basic Admission Requirements

  • Possession of a Bachelor’s degree or equivalent degree/title from a university or from other recognized institutions of higher learning;
  • Must have at least two (2) years of work experience.

Applicants who meet these requirements shall be allowed to take the Graduate Program  Admission Test. 

Credentials to submit before taking the  Graduate Program Admission Test:

  • Accomplished Application Form (forms available at the IM Office);
  • Transcript of Records (original and one [1] photocopy);
  • Birth Certificate, two [2] photocopies);
  • Reference Report from one (1) supervisor or employer and two (2) from former professors;
  • For working students, an official permit from the employer/supervisor indicating the number of units they are allowed to enroll;
  • For married women, two (2) photocopies of Marriage Contract;
  • For foreign students (non-English), passing the Test for English as a Second Language (TOEFL).  A TOEFL score of 500 is required of an applicant whose medium of instruction in school/s attended is not English. 
  • Other documents that shall be required to be submitted.

Stage  2    Applicants take the Graduate Program Admission Test (GPAT).  The test  covers logical thinking, basic quantitative skills and reading proficiency.  Applicants who meet cut-off score move on to Stage 3.

Stage  3    Interview.

Stage  4   Assessment of the General Weighted Average (GWA) vis-à-vis

                    Admission Test and Interview Results.

                    Passing applicants are accepted to the Program.*

*Minimum proficiency levels in  Accounting, Economics, Statistics and Mathematics are required from the applicants.  For applicants with deficiencies in these disciplines, bridging courses shall be offered during summer and/or semestral break, or can be taken from other institutions.  The student may also enroll in undergraduate courses that provide the proficiency levels expected.  The bridging courses are required for the student whose background on the above disciplines is limited as determined through the different stages of the evaluation process.   Click to Bridging Courses and Seminars.

Qualified applicants who may not meet the minimum proficiency levels maybe accepted to the  Program on a probationary admission status for one (1) year until such time that the requirement is satisfied.

Information on Tuition and Other Fees (As of 1st Semester, SY 2014-4015)
  • Tuition Fee: Php 1,500.00/unit
  • Miscellaneous: Php 995.00
  • Student Fund: Php 46.50
  • Deposit: Php 100.00 (for new students)
  • Entrance: Php 30.00 (for new students)
  • ID:  Php 74.00 (for new and continuing students)

Click here to download the Application for Admission Form and Reference Report Form.

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