Associate Professor of Geology

Ph.D. in Environmental Mineralogy and Geochemistry (2006); Kanazawa University, JAPAN; BSc. & MSc. Geology (1997, 2001) University of the Philippines-Diliman





Materials synthesis (fullerenes, clays, CNTs, ceramics, photocatalysts); mineralogy, environmental materials applications, geohazards, carbon capture and storage, natural analogues, mineral-water interactions geochemistry, groundwater contamination


1.     Detailed Mapping of Agricultural, Forest and Natural Resources in Northern Luzon (Region 1): Agriculture, Forest, Aquatic, Water and Renewable Energy Resources. DOST-PCIEERD-GIA with Dr. N. Alibuyog (MMSU-Batac)

2.    Hazard Assessment of 2/3 of the Philippines using LiDAR:  Northern Luzon Region 1 -Project 1. Extracting Digital Elevation Models and Salient Features for Flood Modeling and Hazard Assessment. DOST-PCIEER-GIA with D.N. Javier (UP-Baguio)

3.     Synthesis, Morphology and Chemical Modification of Fullerene-Based Nanomaterials for Nano-engineered Structural Materials and Optoelectronic Applications. DOST-PCIEERD-GIA with Dr. C.L. Ringor (UPD-IESM)

4.     Pilot Production and Field-Testing of Ceramics-Based Water Filtration System. DOST-PCIEERD-GIA

5.     Optically Transparent Mullite-Spinel-Based Ceramics from Natural Kaolinite Nanoparticles. DOST-GIA

6.     Novel Conducting Polyaniline - Synthetic Transition Metal Clay Nanocomposites. DOST-GIA

7.     High-Grade Ceramics Development from Kaolinite Deposits of Ilocos Norte. DOST-GIA

8.     Project 4. Development of fish oral vaccines coupled with a nanocomposite biomaterial as a carrier for vaccine delivery Application of Biotechnology on Growth and Health Management of Nile Tilapia and Pacific White Shrimp. DOST-PCAMRD-GIA with Dr. AM Argayosa (UPD)

9.     Mineralogical and Geochemical Evolution of the Mt. Pinatubo Volcanic Ash Deposits. UPD-OVCRD

10.  Fullerene Nanowhisker/Nanotube Polyaniline Nanocomposite. UPD-OVCRD with Dr. CL Ringor (UPD-IESM)

11.  Determining the Potential of CO2 Capture and Storage in the CALABARZON Region, Philippines. ADB-TA RETA 7575 with Dr. CA Arcilla (UPD-NIGS); Dr. P. Gaspillo (DLSU)


1.     Pascua, C.S., Yamada, H. (2012) Low-temperature formation of clay minerals: Correlating laboratory experiments with natural field-scale processes. Clay Science, 16, 25-32.

2.     Morimoto, K., Tamura, K., Pascua, C.S., Hatta, T., Ye, J., Yamada, H. (2012). Photodegradation of Rhodamine-B in aqueous suspension of synthetic Zn-substituted phyllosilicates. Clay Science, 16, 41-47.

3.     Futalan, C.M., Kan, C., Dalida, M.L., Pascua, C.S., Wan, M. (2011) Fixed-bed column studies on the removal of copper using chitosan immobilized on bentonites, Carbohydrate Polymers, 83, 697-704.

4.     Futalan, C.M., Kan, C., Dalida, M.L., Hsien, K., Pascua, C.S., Wan, M. (2011) Comparative and competitive adsorption of copper, lead, and nickel using chitosan immobilized on bentonites, Carbohydrate Polymers, 83, 528-536.

5.     Futalan, C. M., Kan, C-C., Dalida, M.L., Pascua, C.S., Hsien, K-J., Wan, M-W. (2011) Nickel removal from aqueous solution in fixed bed using chitosan-coated bentonites. Sustainable Environment Research, 21, 361-367.

6.     Arcilla, C.A., Pascua, C.S., Alexander, W.R. (2011) Hyperalkaline groundwaters and tectonism in the Philippines: significance to natural Carbon Capture and Sequestration. Energy Procedia, 4, 5093-5101.

7.     Pascua, C.S., Ohnuma, M., Matsushita, Y., Cuadros, J., Tamura, K., Yamada, H., Ye, J. (2010) Synthesis of monodisperse Zn-smectite. Applied Clay Science, 48, 55-59.

8.     Tamura, K., Yokoyama, S., Pascua, C.S., Yamada, H. (2008) New age of polymer nanocomposites containing dispersed high-aspect ratio silicate nanolayers. Chemistry of Materials, 20, 2242-2246.

9.     Pascua, C. S., Minato, M., Yokoyama, S., Sato, T. (2007) Uptake of dissolved arsenic during the retrieval of silica from spent geothermal brine. Geothermics, 36, 230-242.

10.  Yamada, H., Tamura, K., Watanabe, Y., Pascua, C.S., Hatta, T., Nemoto, S., Komatsu, Y., Yokoyama, S. (2007) Micro-grating of pseudomorphic amorphous phase and micro-cubic crystalline phase obtained by alkali dissolution of isothermal treated NH4-Zeolite A. Clay Science, 13, 125-131.

11.  Pascua, C. S., Sato, T., Golla, G. U. (2006) Mineralogical and geochemical constraints on arsenic mobility in a Philippine geothermal field. Acta Geologica Sinica, 80, 801-806.

12.  Pascua, C. S., Charnock, J., Polya, D., Sato, T., Yokoyama, S., Minato, M. (2005) Arsenic-bearing smectite from the geothermal environment. Mineralogical Magazine, 69, 899-908.

13.  Lagmay, A.M.F., Tengonciang, A.M.P., Marcos, H.V. and Pascua, C.S. (2003) A structural model guide for geothermal exploration in Ancestral Mount Bao, Leyte, Philippines. Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research, 122, 133-141.


1.     Pascua, C.S. Carbon dioxide (CO2) sequestration potential in the Philippine geological setting. Philippine Council for Agriculture, Aquatic and Natural resources Research and Development, Los Banos, Laguna, October 2012.

2.     Pascua, C.S.,Nanotechnology in your backyard. Rev. Fr. Ciriaco Pedrosa Memorial Lecture, University of Sto. Tomas, Manila, November 2012.

3.     Pascua, C.S. Optically Transparent Spinel-Mullite-Based Ceramics from Natural Kaolinite Nanoparticles. National Science and Technology Week, SMX Convention Center, Pasay City, July 2013.

4.     Pascua, C.S. Permeable Mullite Ceramics for Microfiltration and Potable Water Production. Region 1 Regional Invention Contest and Exhibit (RICE), Philippine Science High School, San Ildefonso, Ilocos Sur Campus, June 2013.

5.     Pascua, C.S. Carbon storage and sequestration in the Philippine setting. 3rd Asian Heads of Research Councils (ASIAHORCs) Joint Symposium Global Change in Asia: A Perspective on Land Use Change. Oct 24-27, 2011, Beijing, China.

6.     Pascua, C.S. Clay minerals as advanced nanomaterials. 31st Annual Philippine-American Academy of Science and Engineering (APAMS): Science and engineering education, research and innovation towards national development and global competitiveness. National Institute of Physics, University of the Philippines, Diliman, Quezon City, June 15 18, 2011.

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