Assistant Professor of Biology

     B.S., Ateneo de Manila University, 1997; M.S., University of the Philippines, 2004









Research Interests:

mycology, ecology, plant physiology, bryology

Research Project:

·         Yeast endophytes and their role in metallophyte tolerance to copper in Mankayan, Benguet


  • Hipol, RM. 2012. Molecular identification and phylogenetic affinity of two growth promoting fungal endophytes of sweet potato (Ipomea batatas (L.) Lam.) from Baguio City, Philippines. Electronic Journal of Biology, Vol. 8(3): 57-61.
  • Hipol, RLB, MFNM Cariaga, and RM Hipol. 2012.  Anti-inflammatory activities of the aqueous extract of the stem of Tinospora crispa (Family Menispermaceae) Journal of Nature Studies 11(1&2): 88-95.

Research Disseminations: