Associate Professor of Biology

     B.S., Ph.D.,  University of the Philippines, 1982, 2009; MS, Saint Louis University, 1992








Research Interests:

Research Projects:


·         Revision of the manual “Exercises in Plant Taxonomy.” A Faculty Grant 1999-2000.

·         Poisonous plants of Baguio City and vicinity. A Faculty Grant 2000 – 2001.

·         Identification and validation of the Herbarium collections of the Northern Luzon University Herbarium. A Faculty Grant 2002-2003.

·         Plants and Culture: The role of plants in the cultural practices of the Kalanguya in Tinoc, Ifugao.  2002-2003  (UP-CIDS funded)          

·         Developed “A Teacher’s Guide for General Botany” (API funded) May 2003 – October 2003.                 

·         The Online Herbarium Database of the UP Baguio Herbarium  2002 – 2005   (funded by UP-CIDS and Ideawild) 

·         Geographic Distribution, Ecology and Reproductive Biology of Lilium philippinense Baker, an Endemic Species in the Cordillera Central Range, Luzon, Philippines. 2007-2009

·         Ethnobotany, Phytochemical Screening and Antimicrobial Properties of Traditional Medicinal Plants in Bayabas, Sablan, Benguet Province   CHED-GIA Project (August 2011-April 2012)



·         Establishing biodiversity information of Bayabas Communal Forest, Sablan, Benguet ( UP - Baguio -Cordillera Studies Center-funded project (August 2012- July 2012) –extended up to October 2013

·         Vegetation Analysis of Areas Affected by Mine Tailings in Benguet and Vicinity, co-Project leader  (An NRCP-funded  project with Dr. V. Cuevas as Project Leader, 2013-2015)

·         Soil Stabilization Through Revegetation of Natural Landslides in Atok, Benguet Province to Increase Resilience of Local Communities. A UN-WFP funded project, January 2013-August 2013. – extended up to November 2013

·         Herbal extracts from the Cordillera fro Bioactivity and ADMETox Assays under the program “Discovery and Development of Health Product: Extracts from Terrestrial Organisms for Bioactivity and ADMETox Assays”  October 16, 2013 to October 15, 2014


International (ISI JOURNAL):

·         Balangcod, T.D. 2010. Indigenous plant resources for houses and construction materials used by the Kalanguya in Tinoc, Ifuago, Philippines. The Philippine Scientist. Vol. 47. 1-26.

·         Balangcod, T.D. and A.K. Balangcod. 2011. Ethnomedical knowledge of plants and healthcare practices among the Kalanguya tribe in Tinoc, Ifugao, Luzon, Philippines. Indian Journal of Traditional Knowledge. 10 (2):  227-238.

·         Balangcod,T.D., V.C. Cuevas, I.E. Buot and A.K. D. Balangcod. 2011.  Geographic Distribution of Lilium Philippinense Baker (Liliaceae) in the Cordillera Central Range, Luzon Island, Philippines. Taiwania 56(3). 341-353.

·         Balangcod, T. D., V.C. Cuevas and A.K.D. Balangcod.2011.  Cultivation and conservation of Lilium philippinense Liliaceae), the Philippine endemic Benguet Lily. Gardens’ Bulletin Singapore 63(1 & 2): 395–407.

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International (Refereed)

·         Balangcod, T.D. 2001.  The University of the Philippines College Baguio Herbarium Flora Malesiana Bulletin. Vol. 12 (7/8):        

·         T. D. Balangcod and A.K. D. Balangcod.  The Underutilized Plants of Tinoc, Ifugao.  ACTA Horticulturae. No. 806. vol. 2. January 2009. 647-654. Editors: Jaenicke, H., J. Ganry, I. Hoeschle-Zeledon and R. Kahane.

·         Balangcod, T. and A.K. Balangcod.  2009.  Shopping Malls, CROPS FOR THE FUTURE, a popularized material for international circulation, C/O Biodiversity Regional Office for Asia, the Pacific and Oceania. P.O. Box 236, UPM Post Office, 43400 Serdang, Selangor, Malaysia

·         Balangcod, T.D. and V.L. Vallejo.  Harnessing the potential of underutilized tubers and rhizomes   in Benguet Province, Luzon, Philippines as substitute for wheat flour to enhance food security.. Acta Horticulturae (ISHS). 979. Vol.1.165-171 March 2013. 165-171.  editors: F. Massawe, S. Mayes and P. Alderson


National (Refereed)

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Monographs (Cordillera Research Briefs)

·         Ethnobotany of Tabaan Norte, Tuba, Benguet Province. Cordillera Research Briefs. Research Dialogue Series 1998-1999.September 1998. No. 1.

·         UPCB herbarium showcases flora in CAR. Cordillera Research Brief. Vol. V. Issue 1. August 2002.

·         Plants and culture: the role of plants in the cultural practices of the Kalanguya in Tinoc, Ifugao.Cordillera Research Briefs. 4rth Quarter 2003. Vol. 6. Series No. 2. ISSN 1656-2151.

Research Disseminations:

·         Oral presenter, “The Ecology of Benguet Lily, an endemic species in the Cordillera Central Range, Luzon, Philippines” 1st International Conference on Cordillera Studies. February 7-9, 2008.

·         Oral presenter and participant (with Ashlyn Kim Balangcod), “The Kalanguya and the Forests” 1st International Conference on Cordillera Studies.” February 7-9, 2008.

·         Oral presenter and participant, “The underutilized plants of Tinoc, Ifugao” with Ashlyn Kim D. Balangcod   International Symposium for Underutilized Plant Species for Food, Nutrition, Income and Sustainable Development” Arusha, Tanzania. March 3-7, 2008.

·         Poster Presenter (With Rosemary Gutierrez) PSM 39th Annual Convention and Scientific Meeting – Microbes at Work. April 29-30, 2010 (Naga City).

·         Oral Presenter, Cultivation of Benguet Lily, an initial effort towards conservation of this endemic species in the CCR (8th Flora Malesiana). August 23 to 27, 2010 (Singapore).

·         Oral Presenter, Crops for the Future, Beyond Food Security. Royale Chulan, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. June 25 to July 1, 2011.

·         Oral presenter, Antibacterial and phytochemical screening of selected medicinal plants in Bayabas, Sablan, Benguet Province. International Conference (Empress Hotel, Chiangmai, Thailand). December 15-18, 2011. 

·         Poster presenter “Indigenous Knowledge on Forest Management in Benguet Province” during the  RP-Japan Forum on Globally Important Agricultural Heritage Systems: Current Scenario, Challenges and Future Development. Ifugao State University, Lamut Ifugao. January 14, 2012.

·         Poster Presenter, 41st PSM Convention. Xavier Estates, Cagayan de Oro. May 10-13, 2012.

·         Poster Presenter, “Geographic variation in vegetative and flower morphometry among populations of Lilium philippinense, an endemic species in the Philippines” 34th NAST Annual Scientific Meeting. Manila Hotel, Manila. July 11-12, 2012.

·         Oral Presenter, 9th Flora Malesiana Symposium, Bogor, Indonesia. August 27-31, 2013.