The UPB Committee on Culture and the Arts (UPB CCA) establishes its presence in the local community as a reliable partner in the promotion of initiatives for culture and the arts in Baguio, notably partnering with the Council for Baguio Creative City (CBCC), and as a cultural hub. It belongs to a network of artists and cultural workers and organizations that cultivate and develop the various forms of expression found in Baguio City and the wider Cordilleras.



UPB through its Committee on Culture and the Arts shall:

  • Take the lead in revitalizing the cultural and arts scene on campus;
  • Create and nurture an audience on and off campus;
  • Contribute to the development of artists on campus and in the larger community;
  • Ensure the continuous flow of exchange of knowledge that will augment efforts to develop an understanding and appreciation of the various aspects of culture and the arts; and
  • Take charge of proposals for the institutionalization of official University Culture and Arts Groups (e.g. theater company/ies, choir, dance troupe/s, etc.) and oversee, monitor, and provide direction to their programs of activities thereafter.

Section 3-a of EXECUTIVE ORDER NO. 93-72 (REORGANIZATION OF THE PRESIDENT’S COMMITTEE ON CULTURE AND THE ARTS [PCCA]) identifies the following functions of the CCA:

  • Enrich the Cultural and Artistic experience of students and UP personnel beyond the confines of classrooms and offices;
  • Develop among the students and University personnel and their cultural heritage and various artistic forms;
  • Stress the importance of cultural and artistic exposure and appreciation as having significant educative value; and
  • Create a climate that will better enable the artists (especially among UP students and personnel) to realize their potential in the context of the University’s and society’s values.

Personnel Information

Service and Roles

L.A. Piluden

Chair, Committee on Culture and the Arts


Dessie Ci-o 

Research Assistant, Committee on Culture and the Arts 

Guided by the CCA function outlined by EO 93-72, the UPB CCA shall continue to do the following modes of culture and arts work:

  • Initiating and/or coordinating LECTURES, SEMINARS, and CONFERENCES that shall provide continuing education on various aspects of culture and the arts;
  • Conducting WORKSHOPS, COMPETITIONS, and FESTIVALS that will enrich the experience of students, UP personnel, and other members of the community and cultivate understanding and appreciation of their cultural heritage vis-à-vis the variety that is present in society as well as provide venues in which artists can realize their potential’ and
  • Holding of EXHIBITS and PERFORMANCES, and initiating PUBLICATION to provide venues for exposure for artists and/or cultural groups and the audience and experiencing the cultural and artistic experiences of members of the UP Community and members of the larger community.

Current committee members:

  • Assoc. Prof. Grace C. Subido, Department of Language, Literature, and the Arts
  • Asst. Prof. Fara Manuel-Nolasco, Department of Language, Literature, and the Arts
  • Asst. Prof. Dennis V. Gutierrez, Department of Communication
  • Ms. Mary Joan Habon, Human Kinetics Program
  • Mr. Kobe T. Cayabyab, Department of History and Philosophy
  • Mr. Rai Salvador, Department of Language, Literature, and the Arts

Contact Details

CCA E-mail:  

Location: CCA-PIC Office, Lower Ground Floor, Alumni Center Building, UP Baguio