The Health Service Office provides the students and personnel with basic medical and dental needs on campus. It is primarily for health-related services and is designed to allow for the individual privacy of patients. It is a designated space for the care of students and employees who become ill, injured, or need emergency care while on campus until they can be placed under the care of their guardians, transferred to another health facility, or returned to class or work areas. In addition to providing medical and dental care, the HSO also serves as a resource center for health education materials and a storage area for medical supplies and equipment. Health records of students and employees are also kept in the HSO while maintaining the confidentiality of these records.

Vision & Mission

Location, Office

Vision: Our vision is to be a leading provider of holistic healthcare services within the UP Baguio community. We aspire to create a culture of wellness, where every individual takes ownership of their health, and our efforts contribute to developing resilient and productive members of society. Through our dedication, innovation, and collaboration, we aim to set the standard for excellence in healthcare and empower the community to lead healthy, fulfilling lives.

Mission: To provide exceptional medical and dental services and to implement comprehensive health programs that promote the well-being of the UP Baguio community. We are committed to ensuring our constituents are healthy and thriving, empowering them to become strong and productive contributors to the nation’s progress.


The Health Service office is located on the ground floor of the Balay Salun-at building. The HSO transferred to this location in October 2004. It is near the lobby, with easy access to students and employees. It was designed to be conveniently accessible for easy transport to the outside grounds or outer hallways for emergency transport through wheelchairs or stretchers.

Clinic hours: Monday-Friday, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm (except holidays)
Email address:
Facebook page:
Contact number: (074) 442-0363

HSO Staff

The Health Service Office Staff is composed of two (2) part-time physicians, one (1) part-time University Dentist, and one (1) full-time University Nurse.

Laila G. Jara, M.D
Medical Officer III/ Head
Occupational Health Physician (BCOM)
School Health Consultant I
Diploma in International Health

Jeanette Tina F. Delizo, M.D., DPCOM
Medical Officer III
Occupational Health Physician-Diplomate of the Philippine College of Occupational Medicine
School Health Consultant I

Ronald A. Hidalgo, DMD
Dentist III

Abigail E. Daculan, RN
Nurse III
Occupational Health Nurse (BOSH)
Master of Management- Public Management

Services, Programs and Activities

A. Medical consultation

Objective: To detect and treat illnesses promptly thus preventing the progression of such, rendering the patient physically and medically well.

B. Physical /Medical Examination

B.1. Periodic Medical Examination of UPB Employees

Objective: To ensure the wellness and good health of the UPB employees through early detection of medical conditions before they progress into more serious and debilitating illnesses.

B.2. Pre-enrollment Physical Examination

Objective:  To establish the physical and medical status of all incoming freshmen in both undergraduate and graduate programs and determine their physical fitness to study in the University.

B.3. Pre-Participation Physical examination for Field work, Field trips, Internship training, OJT, cross registration, transfer, and scholarship application.

Objective:  To determine the physical fitness of students to participate in academic activities

B.4. Pre-Participation Physical Examination of athletes


1)  to evaluate the health status of the athlete

2)  to identify conditions that may impair or preclude participation in specific sports

3)  to diagnose undetected diseases and manageable conditions especially those of musculoskeletal pathologies

B.5.Pre-employment Medical Examination


1) To determine the medical fitness of the applicant to perform the   functions inherent to the job being applied for

2)  To ensure that the applicant has no pre-existing medical condition that will put the individual or his co-workers at risk in the performance of his/her functions

3)  To establish the basic health data of the individual for future reference in determining the effects of occupational exposure to present health status.

C. Dental   Services

Objective:   To maintain good oral health through prevention and control of oral diseases with improved access to preventive oral care and interventional oral health procedures.

C.1.     Dental Consultation and Treatment

C.2.     Oral Prophylaxis

C.3.     Tooth Extraction

C.4.     Dental health education

D. Medical Emergency Assistance

Objective:  To attend to medical emergencies inside the campus in order to prevent the worsening of the condition/injury that could lead to temporary or permanent disability.

E. Health Advocacy


1) To promote “Healthy Lifestyle” as the foremost and most effective   means in the prevention of most illnesses.

2) To increase awareness on prevention of current significant communicable and non- communicable diseases

  1. Posting of health advocacy poster every month in strategic places such as the lobby, Ladies’ Dorm, library, HSO and UP Baguio Health Service Office Facebook page.
  2. Distribution of information materials on current significant medical conditions.
  3. Lectures or symposia on important health issues, on as per need basis.


Contributions as members of UPB OSH Committee:

I. Drafting of the “University of the Philippines Baguio Proposed Guidelines for the Gradual Face-to-Face Activities”:

The HSO actively participated in the drafting of guidelines for the gradual resumption of face-to-face activities at UPB. These guidelines were essential in promoting a safe and organized return to in-person interactions within the university.

II. Coordinated the disinfection of offices/departments:

The HSO collaborated with relevant stakeholders to coordinate the disinfection of offices and departments where confirmed COVID-19 cases and close contacts were identified. This measure helped prevent the further spread of the virus within the university.

III. Walk-through in university facilities:

The HSO conducted thorough walk-throughs in all of the university’s facilities to ensure their readiness for the gradual resumption of face-to-face activities. This proactive approach allowed for identifying potential health and safety hazards that needed to be addressed

IV. Mandatory 8-hours Safety and Health Seminar for Workers

As part of the UPB OSH Committee, the HSO staff rendered series of lectures for the Mandatory 8-hour Safety and Health Seminar for Workers to be done yearly.

V. Provision of updates on COVID-19 protocols and during and after the lifting of the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency status in the country

The HSO consistently provided updates on the latest COVID-19 protocols issued by the Inter-Agency Task Force (IATF) and the Department of Health (DOH). This ensured that the university community remained informed and followed the recommended guidelines to minimize the risk of COVID-19 transmission.

Following the Presidential Proclamation No. 297 on July 21, 2023, which declares the lifting of the Public Health Emergency due to COVID-19 throughout the country and the issuance of the DOH Circular No. 2023-0324 on July 23, 2023, Department of Health updated the health protocol for COVID-19, the HSO drafted the updated guidelines for the In-Campus Health and Safety Protocols in reference to the to the DOH circular.

H. Provision for Lactation Station

The Lactation station or Breastfeeding Station is located  inside the HSO. It is fully equipped with all the amenities necessary for every lactating mothers to have a comfortable private area for breastfeeding or breast milk extraction. It is equipped with a fully automatic breast pump, a wash area, cooler and refrigerator for storage of the breast milk. 

Awards and Achievements

  • The “Gawad Tsanselor” was bestowed upon the HSO Team as a “recognition and tribute to their duties, coupled with their unwavering service that goes beyond the call of duty, which they dedicated during the extraordinary times of the COVID-19 pandemic”, awarded on the 15th of December 2020 during the term of Chancellor Raymundo D. Rovillos.
  • On December 11, 2021, the University of the Philippines Alumni Association  awarded the UPB HSO team the “2020 Most Distinguished Alumni Award” as part of the UP Health Frontliners in recognition of their service during the time of the pandemic.
  • The UP Baguio was recognized as “Mother and Baby Friendly” certified  institution for passing the  requirements in establishing a Lactation Station in the workplace. This is in compliance with Republic Act no. 10028 and its implementing rules and regulations. Final inspection from the DOH was held on July 6, 2023.