Kasarian Gender Studies Program


Kasarian was founded in 1994 by a core of faculty members of the then Division of Social Sciences of UP Baguio. Initially, it was located under the women’s research thrust of the Cordillera Studies Center. The components of the program were research, advocacy, networking discussion forum, and publication.

In 2000, Kasarian evolved into a College Committee and in 2002, it was designated as a University Program of UP Baguio, the 7th constituent university of the UP System. Today, after almost two decades of actively promoting gender equality on campus through advocacy, research, and services, Kasarian continues to evolve in order to be relevant and responsive to gender-related issues and concerns.

What does Kasarian do?

  • Lead the university’s efforts in advocating, promoting, and enhancing equal status, fair treatment, and equal rights and respect for genders in UP Baguio, and to aid the University in advocating for the promotion of these in the larger communities of Baguio City and the Cordillera.
  • Operationalize the Gender and Development (GAD) focal points system to implement policies, legislation, and budget allocation for UP Baguio faculty, Research and Education Personnel and Staff (REPS), and other employees of UP Baguio.
  • Lead in regularly conducting forums for information dissemination on gender concerns, issues, research, legislation, and intervention mechanisms.
  • Establish linkage and working relations with government, civic, and non-governmental agencies to pursue cooperative collaboration, and mutual sharing of resources in the planning, conduct, and implementation of activities related to gender.
  • Help in the creation of the Gender and Development Plan and Budget of the University.


  • Gender Sensitivity and Anti-Sexual Harassment Orientation
  • Gender-Fair Language Orientation
  • National Women’s Month
  • Pride Month
  • 18-Day Campaign to End VAW

Gender Sensitivity and Anti-Sexual Harassment Orientation

Gender-Sensitivity Orientation (GSO) is usually organized hand-in-hand with the Anti-Sexual Harassment Orientation (ASHO). It aims to renew our perspective and understanding of the SOGIE SC, which stands for sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, and sex characteristics. GSO and ASHO both intend to foster our conscious effort of respecting and being sensitive to all genders across all intersectionalities.

Gender-Fair Language Orientation

Violence comes in different forms, not just physical or sexual, but also verbal which then leads to emotional and psychological violence. Sexism in language degrades one’s sex/gender making them invisible or seen as lesser members of the community. We should always keep in mind that language articulates consciousness, reflects culture, and affects socialization. Thus, GFL orientation aims to adapt and promote gender-inclusive language.

National Women’s Month

The university of the Philippines is one with the Philippine Women’s Commission (PCW) in celebrating the NWM every March. The Kasarian organizes the celebration to ensure that the UP Baguio community has increased appreciation of the roles and contribution of women in nation-building. The NWM serves as an avenue to create and facilitate platforms to discuss good practices, gaps, challenges, and commitments in pursuing gender and development, to strengthen the implementation of Magna Carta of Women. (PCW)

Various linkages are developed in order “to promote citizen-centric governance and make ‘change’ a conscious effort to know, understand, and provide what all citizens need.” Thus, inspiring and empowering women, girls, and all genders to be agents of change.

Pride Month

Every June, October and November, our campaign towards equality continues with our Pride Month Celebration. The first uprising and Pride March was a protest against oppression, discrimination, and inequality. It has been more than five decades since the Stonewall Uprising, but we continue to promote LGBTQIA+ rights, and celebrate diversity.

With the “Pride Flag Raising Ceremony,” we open our hearts and minds, respect and show our support in upholding the rights and dignity of all people as we look back and recognize the determination of the LGBTQIA+ Community.

18-Day Campaign to End VAW

From November 25 to December 12, our fight against oppression, discrimination and marginalization is heightened with our 18-Day Campaign to End Violence Against Women.

According to the World Health Organization, one in three women experience phsyical/sexual violence from their partner. Thus, this 18-day campaign aims to create a VAW-free community through:

  • Promoting awareness on the forms of violence women and girls experience;
  • Providing information on laws protecting women and girls;
  • Featuring VAW-related services that people can access and avail;
  • Promoting the strengthening of prevention and response on VAW; and
  • Gathering public support for the campaign

Latest Events

GS-ASHO with 2017 ASH Code Consultation

  • Students – October 10, 2022
  • Admin Staff, REPS & Workers – November 7, 2022

2017 ASH Code Consultation

  • Faculty

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