Three years after the worldwide pandemic, UP Baguio made an assertive move to reopen the UP Baguio Daycare Center.  The provision of this daycare facility in the University is to provide an avenue for UP employees, a safe space for their children to stay while at work. The UP Baguio Day care center primarily caters to faculty members, administrative staff, the Research –Extension –Professional Staff (REPS), Contract of Service and UP Baguio Project-based, graduate, and undergraduate students who have dependents ages 0 – 5 (five) years old. The Center focuses on childcare and child minding, informal early childhood education, and promotes a child-friendly, gender sensitive atmosphere, and positive discipline.


UP Baguio Daycare Center is located below the HKP Table tennis classroom

Vision & Mission

Personnel Information

Vision: We envision that the UP Baguio Daycare Center will be an avenue for children of the stakeholders to learn, grow, and develop in a holistic manner.

Mission: The UP Baguio Daycare Center exists to provide the children of stakeholders with learning opportunities and avenues to establish basic skills through pragmatic yet fun-filled activities that are age appropriate and developmentally relevant.

Marvin M. Itliong

Senior Childcare Specialist



Mercia T. Dangunay

Junior Childcare Specialist



The UP Baguio Daycare Center aims to provide the opportunity to gain more efficient and effective personnel, as studies indicate that childcare arrangements within the workplace ensures that the employees that their children are placed in an environment that protects and attends to their physical and emotional needs. Furthermore, the UP Baguio Daycare center aims to offer the opportunity to provide a safe, conducive, and fun learning environment for the children of stakeholders.  Through the given program and curriculum, children will be exposed to varied learning opportunities, harness their God-given skills, and perceive learning to be enjoyable and fun through worthwhile learning experiences.

Services & Programs

News & Updates

Child care and Child Minding

This refers to the daily routine that the UP Baguio Daycare Center provides to infants, toddlers,and preschoolers while their parents or guardians are at work or at school. Attending to infants and toddlers includes washing and changing diapers, feeding, administering medicines, fixing the beddings, toilet training, putting them    to sleep, dressing them up ready for fetching by parents or guardians.


Early Childhood Education

Age-appropriate activities are designed by the teachers to provide a variety of    activities, such as songs, manipulative toys, and group play, arts and crafts, music, storytelling, and other language experiences that can contribute to the social, physical, emotional, and intellectual growth of children.

Egg-cellent Day is a post Easter Egg Hunting activity conducted last April 5, 2024.  The children enjoyed the egg sponge painting, Egg painting, egg sandwich, Green Eggs and Ham video, and the Egg hunting activity.


Blossoming Moms is a Mother’s Day Activity which took place last May 24, 2024.  This was dedicated to the moms of the Daycare center.  Art activities, games, and fun-filled tasks are prepared to celebrate and honor the moms of the children.


Stick Puppet Show is a story presentation in collaboration with the Department of Language, Literature, and the Arts of the College of Arts and Communication.  The students presented a Philippine story entitled “Ang Hukuman ni Sinukuan”.


Daddy’s Day Out is a Father’s Day Activity reserved for the Dads of the Daycare Center children.  Interactive games and art activities would be carried out.