The Program for Indigenous Cultures (PIC) was originally conceived as a response to the growing need to acknowledge the marginalized sector in the University -the Indigenous Peoples. In a memorandum dated 21 September 2004, the UP Baguio Educational Assistance Program (EAP) was renamed as Program for Indigenous Cultures signed by then Chancellor Priscilla S. Macansantos.
Indigenous culture is an important niche of the University of the Philippines Baguio both at the academic and the community levels. PIC’s role as a unit of the University is to assist, educate, and advocate cultural sensitivities that encourage understanding, respect, and inclusion. Currently under the supervision of the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, the Program for Indigenous Cultures (PIC) fosters indigenous cultural vibrancy and heritage awareness. Its specific responsibilities include facilitating IP-related programs and activities that strengthen UP Baguio’s institutional capacity to sustain its IP initiatives.


Citizens Charter

1. To take the lead in the discussion and promotion of IP issues and concerns within UP
Baguio and the larger community;
2. To coordinate projects and activities on IPs in relation to instruction, student-led
research, and extensions; and
3. To enhance the institutional capacity of UPB to sustain its initiatives on IP concerns

External Services
1. Collecting and filing Indigenous student registrations and information
2. Providing indigenous studies learning center services
3. Material/Ritual/Ethno cultural information resource and lectures provider
4. Front-line guest relations for culture-based queries
5. Sponsorship of I.P. Student activities, travel allowance, etc. (such as attendance to
Indigenous symposia and seminars)
Internal Services
1. Collecting and filing Indigenous student registrations and information (Enrollment)
2. Providing indigenous studies learning center services
3. Material/ Ritual/ Ethnocultural information resource and lectures provider (E/I)

Contact Details

Personnel Information

1. Physical location: Lower Ground, Student-Alumni Center, University of the Philippines
Baguio, Governor Pack Road, Baguio City 2600
2. Email:

Ms. Erika Diwata M. Jacinto




Ms. Jullienne P. Bacagan

Research Assistant

News and Updates

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