The Office of Counseling and Guidance is a service-oriented unit of the University of the Philippines- Baguio. The OCG has the primary mandate to implement programs and to extend services that provides guidance and counseling to all students to assist them in attaining an integrated development and in coping effectively with various challenges and difficulties. Alongside the direct intervention services provided by the office, the endeavor to assist students involves key players within and outside of UP Baguio. Creating an environment for the students that nurtures their academic excellence, talents and mental health.

Vision & Mission

Goals and Objectives

Mission: Provide and deliver enrichment programs and services responsive to students’ needs for growth and development as they are prepared to assume mature roles in society.

Vision: A fundamental and integral partner to the academic programs of the University, ensuring students’ holistic development.

Assist students to…

  • Discover, understand and maximize their potentials
  • Explore possibilities open to them
  • Set and achieve their goals
  • Make responsible decisions about their careers, affiliations and activities
  • Learn about the world of work through career and occupational information
  • Learn to relate with other people in a satisfying way
  • Resolve difficulties pertaining to their academic, social and family life
  • Develop emotional responses that promote growth and self-fulfillment
  • Create balance in all their activities

Organizational Structure

Contact Details

Office of Counseling and Guidance

UP Mail:
Facebook: UP Baguio Patnubay
Landline: 442 – 0363
Mobile: G – 0956 – 378 – 8834
S – 0919 – 870 – 01955

Aurora P. Parcasio
Julie E. Tuguinay
Liza A. Ngiao
Merjerie P. Parcasio


Guidance Services:

A. Intake Interview with test interpretation and counseling
This service is a one-on-one session wherein test results (UPCAT, IQ, and Personality) are interpreted and aligned to academic, career, psycho-social and other concerns. Counseling is conducted when concerns emerge from test results and from information obtained during the intake session.
Who may avail  this service? 
First Year Students and new students
Other students who were not able to avail of the service during their first year
B. Exit Counseling (students transferring to other school or another UP campus)
Students who wish to leave UP Baguio are interviewed and counseled, to evaluate with them their decision options, if needed. They are also counseled regarding their reason/s for leaving.
Who may avail this service? 
Students who are transferring to other school or another UP unit.
C. Follow-up Counseling
This service accommodates students who needed to have further counseling sessions to resolve their issues, or  monitored because of their probation and re-admitted status.
Who may avail this service? 
Students for follow-up (regular follow-up and readmission and transfer-in follow-ups)
Referred students
D. Self- referred/ Walk –in Cases
There are students, who in their volition, come to seek assistance from the counselors regarding various concerns that they may be experiencing.
Who may avail this service? 
All Students; 
External clients (alumni, employees, agency workers)
E. Referred/Called-in
These are counselees who were referred to the OCG by teachers, personnel and other students. They were accompanied to the OCG by their referrer, or were called- in after the attention of the OCG was called regarding their plight.
  1. Based on sufficient and validated observation of specific academic and/or behavioral concern, referring faculty or staff seeks permission from or informs student for referral in adherence to Ethical Standards and in consideration of previous action taken to address the need.
  2. Referral forms shall be provided by the Office of Counseling and Guidance to the following Offices:
  • College Secretaries: CS, CSS, CAC
  • OSFA
  • UPB Dorm
  • HSO
  • SRO
         3. Source of Referral
  • Faculty
  1. Secure Referral Form from respective College Secretary
  2. Submits accomplished form to the same office for recording & monitoring
  3. College Secretary transits accomplished form to the Office of Counseling and Guidance
  • Non- Academic University Personnel [ form the following offices: OSFA, Dorm, HSO, SRO, & others]
  1. Submit accomplished form directly to the Office of Counseling and Guidance
         4. Office of Counseling and Guidance acts on the referral.
         5. Reminder: Observance of utmost confidentiality is of prime consideration.
Who may avail this service? 
Referred Students
F. Group Counseling
When a group of  students have similar concerns, then group counseling sessions are conducted.
Who may avail this service? 
All Students
Psychological tests were administered to individuals or to groups. Group test administrations were conducted to first year students, to students seeking transfer to UPB, students seeking readmission, and  upon request by some faculty , college and  other office.  Individual test administrations were done upon the request of a student, or when the counselors deemed it needed in connection with counseling.
A. Readmission and Transfer-in Applicants
Who may avail this service? 
All Students
B. Group Psychological Test for First Year Students
Who may avail this service? 
All First Year Students
C. CFA Applicants
Who may avail this service? 
Incoming First Year Students applying for CFA
D. HRDO Request/s (Admin position applicants; agency workers)
In 2016, the OCG assumed the testing of job applicants.
Who may avail this service? 
Admin Applicants; 
Agency workers
E. IM/MASDS Admission Test
The OCG assists the Institute of Management (IM) and Master of Arts in Social Development Studies (MASDS) in conducting the admission test to the programs.
Who may avail this service? 
IM and MASDS Applicants; 
A. CASE CONFERENCES (Inter-offices, faculty, parents, others)
At times, the counselors get together to debrief after a particularly grueling case to evaluate together a counseling case and to evaluate together a counseling case. Thus, unusual or difficult cases are discussed in order to arrive at a better and deeper understanding of a case, as well as affirmation of interventions that were undertaken.
Who may avail this service? 
At times, non-UPB clients are accommodated, and provided counseling services within the boundaries of resources, time and ethical considerations.
Who may avail this service? 
Employees (Administrative Staff, Faculty);
Others (agency workers – Security Guards, Utility workers)
Issue certificate of good moral character for secondary purposes. (requirement for admission to law & medical school, scholarships, internship)
Who may avail this service? 
Registered students;
The counselors get invited by agencies or organizations outside UP Baguio, to lend professional expertise as resource speaker, facilitators or trainers.
Who may avail this service? 
Private or government agency/organization


University of the Philippines Medical Alumni Society in America
( UPMASA ) Sponsored Activities

  • Hiraya Manawari ( Talk Show on Mental Health in the Workplace and Labor and Employment Orientation for Graduating Students), 12 July 2023
  • Psychosocial Crisis Management Protocol Handbook Launching, 15 August 2023
  • P.E.E.R (Peer Engaged in Empowering Peers ) Advocates Training, 1 June and 12 – 14 October 2023 ( In collaboration with other Higher Educational Institutions in Baguio and Benguet )
  • YOGA, 25 September 2023
  • Neurographica Art Theraphy, 9 October and 27 November 2023
  • ARTS Exhibit, 13 – 15 November 2023

Member in the initiated joint research of the DSWD Field Office CAR and the Social Welfare and Development Learning Network
( SWDL-Net) entitled: Best Practices in the Implementation of Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program ( 4Ps) and Sustainable Livelihood Program ( SLP ): The Case of the DSWD Field Office Cordillera