For UP College Admission related matters, including admission requirements, enrollment, appeals, transfer process, and requests for your academic documents, please inquire with the UP Baguio Office of the University Registrar at or call on weekdays (8:00 AM to 5:00 PM) at (074) 442-5592.

For scholarships and general concerns regarding student affairs and matters, please contact the UP Baguio Office of the Director of Student Affairs via email:

For student financial assistance and related support services, please contact the UP Baguio Office of Student Financial Assistance via email:

For inquiries and applications for graduate programs, please contact the UP Baguio Graduate Program Office via email:

To request your UP Alumni Email Account, kindly get in touch with the UP Baguio Alumni Relations Office via email:

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For emails directly addressed to the Chancellor, please email the UP Baguio Office of the Chancellor at

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