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UPB-CSC's water security study titled "Towards establishing water security and climate change resilience in the city of Baguio: A study in urban resilience, sanitation and water security.", among 10 recipients of international climate change funding.
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2015 International Conference on Building Resilience and Developing Sustainability Local knowledge brought to sharper focus in disaster management conference.
The 2015 International Conference on Building Resilience and Developing Sustainability.
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Cordillera Studies Center The Cordillera Studies Center
Governance & Public Policy, Material Culture, Climate Change, Local Languages & Literature, Sustainability Science, and Biodiversity & Resource Management.
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Graduate Programs Office UP Baguio Graduate Degree Programs
Master of Arts in Language & Literature
Master of Arts in Social & Development Studies
Master of Science in Mathematics
Master of Management
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Attention: Incoming Freshmen, Non-Qualifiers & Students Applying for Reconsideration.

Kindly check out the Announcements section.

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    CONGRATULATIONS!  You qualified to enroll as a Freshman at the University of the Philippines Baguio for the First Semester 2015-2016.

    YOU MAY NOW DOWNLOAD: Instructions for Freshmen, UP Form C1 (confirmation form), Socialized Tuition System, and UP Form 2 (medical examination form).

    You may also download the: 1) Application Form for the Talent Determination Test (TDT), For the Certificate in Fine Arts (for transferees and non-UPCAT passers), TDT will be scheduled later; 2) Advance Placement Examination in College Algebra (Math 11) and Plane Trigonometry (Math 14) - Rationale and Objectives; 3) Application Form for the APE and Course Syllabus and Course Outline for MATH 11 and MATH 14

    All notices will be mailed to your respective schools. If you do not receive your notices on time, please see instructions and come on your scheduled day of enrollment. 

    If you have queries, please email at .


    Click here for the updated announcement for the Socialized Tuition System



    1. UPG cut-off for students seeking reconsideration to be admitted to UP Baguio is 2.502 and must finish the course in UP Baguio.

    2. Admission of non-qualifiers will be subject to the ff.:

    a. Availability of slots in your desired program

    b. Percentile scores required by the different programs are, as follows:

    o BS Mathematics Math  percentile score:   80 or higher

    o BS Computer Science Math percentile :   80

    o BS Physics Math percentile:   80

    o BS Biology Science percentile:   75

    o BA Social Sciences (Economics) Math percentile: 60

    o BA Language & Literature Language  percentile:   80

    o BA Communication Language percentile: 90

    o BS Management Economics (a) UPG must be 2.372  or better

                                            (b) Math percentile score: 80

    The BA Social Sciences major in History or Social Anthopology do not require percentile scores in any of the areas under the UPCAT. 

    3. Application process:

    a. Send scanned copy of notice with your UPG from the Office of Admission to or fax copy of your notice to (074) 442 5592.

    b. Indicate two courses of your choice in order of priority in your scanned notice. Please make sure that you meet the percentile scores as listed above. 

    c. Email the OUR on April 23, 2015 to determine if you have been accepted or not.

    d. If accepted, follow the instructions for incoming freshmen and appear on your scheduled date of enrollment. 



    Click here for the 1st Sem. 2015-16 Schedule for Application, Admission Test & Bridging Courses



    The University of the Philippines Baguio Residence Hall (UPBREHA) is now accepting reservations for SUMMER AY 2014-2015 and FIRST SEMESTER AY 2015-2016. Interested applicants must accomplish the Application Form which must be submitted together with other requirements before 24 April 2015. These can be submitted through the following options:

    Option 1: Hand-delivered to residence hall office.

    Option 2: Send through courier at this address:

    Ladies Residence Hall

    University of the Philippines Baguio

    Governor Pack Road

    2600 Baguio City

    Telefax: (074)-442-6178

    Option 3: Email scanned copy of the application forms and complete requirements to: 

    For further inquiries you may contact us thru the following:

    1.    Telephone : (074)-442-6178

    2.    Email Address:

    Click the link to download the Checklist Form and Application Form

  • » OUR: UP BAGUIO FACULTY 2nd Semester, AY 2014 - 2015 Faculty Service Record +

    Click to download form: [U.P. Form 67 (FSR)]. Deadline for the accomplished 2nd Sem FSR is on 9 February 2014.

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  • Saliksik-Kordilyera +

    (February 9) - The lecture will be delivered by Dr. Gaston P. Kibiten, Director of the Saint Louis University’s Research, Extension and Publications Office. The lecture is part of the Saliksik-Kordilyera Lecture Series under the auspices

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  • UPB Math Professors are NANUM Travel Grantees for ICM 2014 +

    (October 20) - Dr. Jerico Bacani (the present chair of the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science), Dr. Joel Addawe (the former DMCS chair) and Dr. Juancho Collera (the current DMCS Graduate Program Coordinator) were proud

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  • "Tattoo" book is Social Sciences' best in this year's National Book Awards +

    (November 10) - A book written by a University of the Philippines Baguio-based anthropologist is one among twenty winners in this year’s National Book Awards which was determined through a selection process carried out by the

    Read More
  • 2014 National Intercollegiate Genetics Quiz Contest +

    The quiz contest covered all possible topics in genetics, from molecular genetics to population genetics. UP Baguio bested 13 other schools in this year’s competition, an annual event organized by the UPLB Genetics Society. UP

    Read More
  • Debate Team hosts Inang Laya Cup 2014 +

    The UPB Debate Team hosted the 2nd Inang Laya Cup, a British Parliamentary Debate Tournament for high schools, last February 15-17 in the University of the Philippines Baguio.

    Four institutions namely: Baguio City National High

    Read More
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